An interactive tool for teaching American Sign Language.
The jewel is made out of copper, electric wires and 3 3d printed details that were designed specific to hold 2 sensors – MPU-6050 and Piezo vibration sensor and one small speaker.

Combined with Arduino Uno board a code written in c++ and a user interface in Rhino,
the jewel is able to recognize different sign language gestures and respond accordingly.

The process of learning the sign gestures has 2 phases-
First the virtual agent on the screen is showing how to sign a word and then the user has to gesture it himself.
Second, the user can improvise and constructs a new sentence from the words he learned and the virtual agents respond accordingly.

SilentJewel was created in collaboration with Batsheva Schiff,
as a final project in the course "Human Computer Interaction" in the Hebrew university of Jerusalem.

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