Written in java, origami is a script, based on dijksta, for finding the similarity between free drawing and fixed folds of origami.

In the interface the user can draw on half of the white and press show me, then the algorithm search for the best match from the origami patterns – bat, elephant, bird and fish.
The search is threw a graph of 30 different folds and it ends in finding the best match for the final origami pattern, duplicate the drawing to the other side of the screen and present 3 of the middle stages of the origami pattern.

The user can print the result or clean the screen by hitting fresh me button and start over. Each result of the process is a symmetric and singular but also present an origami pattern as readable for the user to fold in the right way by following the marked folds.

Origamee was created in the course "Machine learning as a tool for interactive products" in the Hebrew university of Jerusalem.

© Maya Prozan 2020